Guest Blog Post by Enrique Alvarez
Executive Director, Vector Global Logistics

As a husband, father of two, entrepreneur, and active member in my community, I often find myself thinking about the future state of our society. It’s easy to feel as though we’re stuck on a never-ending loop of bad news, each week bringing a new, seemingly apocalyptic, prediction that we’re moving in the wrong direction. I don’t believe that. I’m an optimistic person. I was trained as a consultant at The Boston Consulting Group where I learned how to fix the things that were broken, and if it wasn’t broken, improve upon it. I’m also a stubborn humanitarian who wants to build a better future than our present. That’s why we started Vector Global Logistics (  Vector is an international logistics company with a unique culture based solely on results, intertwined with our purpose to better the lives of our employees and our clients while leaving a positive impact in our global communities.

I believe a few caring people with the right drive can change the world, so we’ve kept our mission statement pretty short: Get it done.

Life moves on in such a rush that it’s easy to forget that 90% of the things we use on a daily basis are sourced through global supply chains, from the soap in our bathroom to the phone in our pocket, the butter and eggs in our breakfast to this very computer. They are, in one way or another, shipped, stored, packaged and/or manufactured somewhere else. Logistics, in a very simple and practical way, threads everyone together to keep the world moving forward. In other words, if you want to change the world, international logistics is the perfect place to start.

While the world seems to get more and more polarized, technology and logistics continue to tear down borders and reshape our society.  This seems like the natural path forward given we are born with an intrinsic desire to help one another. However, today we face environmental, political, and economic challenges on a global scale, and these issues require a more active approach to collaboration. “The more you give, the more you get” is a lesson everyone learns at a young age, but we strongly believe it rings true throughout our lives as a smart strategy to successfully grow a resilient company and community. Socially responsible companies that understand, embrace, and cultivate the power of giving back are reliable, self-driven, and ethical; making them excellent candidates for partnerships as they will lead the way into the future.

Logistics with purpose is the future we want to see and this is the main reason why we started Vector and, more importantly, why we have such an amazing team. Vector’s unique results-based culture, strong values and commitment to helping others makes me wake up in the morning and work hard. I am not afraid of failing nor making mistakes, actually, I see both as good teachers to keep growing and thus I openly encourage people to go for the hardest challenges, take risks and never settle. There is simply no time for hesitation. We are thankful for the opportunity to chase this vision together and everyone is fully aware that we are here to win (or die trying).

I am personally humbled by the people I work with, I have learned many things about business, life and myself sharing this experience with them. I consider Vector a family, I have made very good friends and look forward to facing new and exciting challenges as we keep growing Vector.