Heading right into October (can you believe it’s next week??) with more great interviews, conversations, livestreams, and episodes!

We started the week with a new episode in our Logistics with Purpose series.  Pat Plonski joined Scott, Greg, and Enrique to celebrate 50 million books for Africa!

On Tuesday, Scott and Greg welcomed Mike Griswold with Gartner back to the podcast as they discussed the top three things to know in supply chain today and tomorrow. 

We published our Supply Chain Buzz on Wednesday, and Scott and Jamin were happy to welcome Sarah Barnes-Humphrey with Let’s Talk Supply Chain to the show!

On Thursday, Greg continued his conversation with Ben Gordon of Cambridge Capital for part two of the interview for TECHquila Sunrise.

And Friday, Scott and Greg were excited to welcome one of their favorite Supply Chain News writers, Emma Cosgrove with Supply Chain Dive, to the podcast!

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