In an effort to promote awareness of end-to-end Supply Chain job opportunities and careers, APICS Atlanta’s Skills Gap Task Force has launched a series of “Supply Chain 101” programming in elementary schools across Georgia. The objective is simple: help students identify new opportunities for their path ahead by creating more awareness of the Supply Chain field. This initiative, driven by teams of volunteers from across local industry, has positively engaged over 650 students over the course of 26 sessions since November 1st, 2017. Supply Chain 101 is sponsored by Supply Chain Now Radio and TalentStream.

Our practical, hands-on, hour-long program reinforces the four C’s

Excellent and Engaging

Supply Chain 101 is an excellent and engaging way to share supply chain concepts and process with young students.  It is a joy to see how quickly the students grasp the information and creatively apply solutions to the challenges they are given.

-Sandy Lake, CSCP
Associate Director Georgia Center of Innovation and Logistics, Georgia Department for Economic Development

Opened our students' eyes
Supply Chain 101 opened our students’ eyes to the world of logistics. The students spent an over an hour engaged and learning about Supply Chain. I was really impressed how all students used higher level thinking to analyze how to make customers happy and potential problems that could occur.

-Noel  Ingram
Tybee Island Maritime Academy

An Engaging Experience

Supply Chain 101 sessions have been fantastic for the students at Livingston Elementary School.  Mr. Scott Luton and his team of volunteers have provided our students with an engaging experience each time.  During the well-planned session, the students build background knowledge on the supply chain.  The vocabulary is supported by pictures and concrete examples.  Throughout the session, students are given opportunities to answer questions.  When the students work in cooperative learning groups, the volunteers guide the students in planning and problem-solving for their assigned part of the lemonade supply chain.  Each cooperative learning group shares their thinking.  Supply Chain 101 is summarized at the end with facts about companies that the students immediately are able to identify and associate with through experiences.  Supply Chain 101 is an informative session that exposes students to career opportunities and helps them to see how each plays a critical role.  Thank you to Mr. Luton and his team for helping to prepare our students to become college and career ready.

-Amber St. Clair
Assistant Principal, Livingston Elementary School