Live Streaming Event: “Stand Up & Sound Off”

TOPIC: Coronavirus & Its Impact on Your Supply Chain 

Join us for our first Live Streaming Event!

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Many recent surveys show that business leaders globally are looking for insights and best practices as to how other companies are handling the current Coronavirus disruption.  Join Supply Chain Now as we host Stand Up and Sound Off, a live streaming event, where we invite the attendees to be the voice of the show. During this highly interactive forum, we will be hearing from supply chain leaders with operations all over the globe.  What you won’t hear is an 87-slide PowerPoint presentation, or one presenter drone on for hours and hours on their supply chain views.  What you can expect is to be asked your thoughts and to have the opportunity, time permitting, to share your perspective on the impact of the Coronavirus on your supply chain and what you and your companies are doing in response.  Our audience’s perspective and insights will be the heartbeat of the conversation.  You are welcome to come just to listen or come and participate in the conversation.

Register now and join us on March 25th. Bring your A-game!  We will be broadcasting this forum LIVE and invite you to participate via comment, call in, social media channels, or otherwise.  Come and be heard!

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