Supply Chain Now features several different programs sponsored by a variety of reputable organizations in the Supply Chain, Logistics, Manufacturing, Transportation, Technology and Engineering Industries.  Find out more about our ongoing Supply Chain Now programs below:

Leadership Matters


Hosted by Scott Luton, Beau Groover (The Effective Syndicate), and Elba Pareja-Gallagher (UPS, ShowMe50), this podcast is focused on highlighting the leadership required for teams that are built to win.

Sponsored by The Effective Syndicate

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Savannah Business Leadership Series


Hosted by Scott Luton and Bill Stankiewicz (Savannah Supply Chain), this podcast series focused on the businesses and leaders that are making Savannah, Georgia a new hub for supply chain growth, innovation, and opportunity.

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Profiles in Supply Chain Leadership


Hosted by Scott Luton and Chris Barnes (APICS Atlanta), this podcast series features the biggest and brightest supply chain leaders making a difference in their organizations, communities, and the supply chain industry as a whole.

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