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Corporate leadership teams are constantly dealing with macro disruptions and unique circumstances within their own company’s walls. In this challenging environment, there are three things that all leaders need to know about according to Gartner research.

Tune in us as Mike Griswold, Vice President of Research at Gardner, joins Scott and Greg as they discuss the latest in retail supply chains from an analyst’s perspective.

LIVESTREAM- “The Supply Chain Buzz for September 28th: how to Break In & Advance in Supply Chain”

Scott W. Luton and Greg White share the Supply Chain Buzz on Supply Chain Now, where they discuss some of the leading stories & key developments across the global supply chain industry.

WEBINAR: Stand Up & Sound Off

Two equity advocates share change strategies that are working inside corporate America

The Supply Chain Now team is pleased to continue our “Stand Up & Sound Off” series, where we facilitate the sometimes difficult conversations that must be had in order for things to change. One other driving factor in this particular series is to create a global forum where our audience can actively participate & share their thoughts, insights & perspective.

In this webinar, two dynamic leaders share lessons learned in post George Floyd corporate America. How have they talked about race with cross-racial audiences, what initiatives are showing meaningful progress and benefits for all employees, which corporate areas are the hardest to impact and how you can engage.

“Logistics & Beyond: the Power of Authenticity with Ryan Schreiber

Supply Chain Now – Episode 463

In this episode of Supply Chain Now, Jamin welcomes special guest Ryan Freiburg, co-founder of Kinetic and Director of Engagement for CarrierDirect. Known for being a great connector in logistics and transportation, Ryan shares some great personal insights with Jamin about cultivating a growth mindset, the importance of paying attention to the customer experience, and the power of intentionally networking.

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