WEBINAR: "Supply Chain Tech Update: Drones & IoT"

Join us for a practical update on two key Supply Chain technologies: Drones & IoT

Drones have been in the news for a few years now, and have become accepted as a new professional tool. This webinar will review the technology, regulations, value cases, hurdles, solutions, and adoption of drones across sectors. Ground robots will also be touched on. Emphasis will be given for applicative use to logistics and supply chain.

Although IoT has been around for a while, as companies are undergoing their digital transformation, gaining more data and insights on their industrial areas is critical to reducing costs and supporting new opportunities. Incorporating new AI and EDGE capabilities, IoT growth is imminent and an integral part of our clients’ strategies.

 April 26, 2019
12 noon ET

WEBINAR: "Catching Excellence: The Three Fundamental Requirements for a Successful Supply Chain"

Every organization has a supply chain. The most effective and efficient ones are closed loop systems for moving, storing, and configuring products starting with raw materials and ending with a satisfied customer. Whether it is moving information or physical goods, nothing happens until something moves. We find supply chains in both the public and private companies in every industry, regardless of whether it produces a product or service; we find them in government and in non profit sectors, in every corner of the globe. Supply chains can range from the simple to highly complex and from small and local to huge and worldwide. Regardless of their complexity all supply chains share three characteristics. They all follow the SCOR framework (Plan, Source, Make, Deliver, Return, and Enable); they all consist of suppliers and customers, and they all have three requirements that although fundamental, are critical to their long term success. They are minimizing cost, minimizing cycle time, and maximizing accuracy. This webinar will lay the foundation for these requirements, discuss their validity in managing modern supply chains, and provide some ideas that while they may not provide supply chain perfection will help you catch excellence. 

 May 21, 2019
12 noon ET

WEBINAR: "Cost Transparency: Catalyst for Achieving Negotiating Goals"

This 50-minute webinar is for procurement professionals whose job includes negotiating prices for raw materials or components. Rod Sherkin explains why cost transparency is the golden arrow in a procurement professional’s negotiations quiver. How it favors the buyer over the seller but is also fair and useful to both parties. Why the best suppliers (aka low-cost producers) welcome transparency, and why your organization will too. You will learn how to make your suppliers’ costs transparent and, more importantly, how to turn this knowledge into creating a competitive advantage for your company: a sustainable, low-cost, robust supply chain. A professional goal we all aspire to.

 June 5, 2019
3 pm ET

WEBINAR: "Procurement: The Forgotten Member of the Supply Chain Function"

Often times I am asked the question, “what is it that you do for a living?” I respond by saying that I work with suppliers of my company to make them better so that we both can be better for our employees and customers. The response generally garners a few strange looks and the person I am speaking with then usually says, “So, you buy stuff, right?” Well, I am here to say that this is a particularly old view on what role Procurement professionals play in a company. Today a Procurement professional must constantly be ready to lead change and, more importantly, listen to what the internal and external customers’ needs are to find the most optimal situation. While Procurement has traditionally been thought of as the price chasers and part chasers, today’s world in which the Procurement pro operates is very different. We are true business partners that can unlock value for everyone in the organization. Join our webinar on June 19th to learn more.

 June 19, 2019
12 noon ET

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Carlo Peters
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