Supply Chain Now Radio Episode 92-
“Supply Chain Visibility, Collaboration, & Proactive Problem Solving”

In partnership with our friends at the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance (GMA), SCNR broadcast the second episode in our new #TodayinManufacturing series, sponsored by IntelliTrans.  This episode featured Ken Sherman, the Vice President and General Manager of IntelliTrans, and Larncell Hymon, a Supply Chain Manager for the Learn and Play Division at Newell Brands.

GMA CEO, Jason Moss, and SCNR’s Scott Luton hosted the episode live from GMA’s headquarters.

“Full Access: Peggy Gulick with AGCO”

SCNR – Episode 94
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Episode 94 was the first episode is our brand new series, Full Access.  Full Access is an SCNR podcast series that focuses on providing diverse thought, leadership, and supply chain industry insights from those who are making it happen.  Host Scott Luton features a variety of female guests and leaders in the end-to-end global supply chain.

For the first episode, Scott welcomed Peggy Gulick, Director of Digital Transformation for Global Manufacturing for AGCO.

Check out the show page for the schedule of upcoming interviews with an impressive group of women leaders making a huge impact on the supply chain industry.


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"Leadership is about inspiring people. It’s a work style that helps them figure out ‘where we need to go’ by setting direction and creating vision."

Daniel Stanton
President & Co-Founder, SecureMarking
Author, "Supply Chain Management for Dummies"

"The STEM movement encourages more young girls to learn engineering and become engineers. Today, 17 percent of workers in the field of engineering are women vs. 1 percent in 1970. We are making progress."

Elba Pareja-Gallagher
Founder, ShowMe50

"To identify risks and resilience strategies, companies need to move beyond their regular supply chain to look at the capacity and speed needed to recover if something really goes wrong."

Carlo Peters
Senior Consultant
BCI Global

"We all look at problems differently. And it's really important to have a good, diverse group of folks in the room to provide a different set of ears to address problems--whether they’re from finance, operations, supply chain or warehousing."

Beau Groover
Founder & President
The Effective Syndicate


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