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Supply Chain Now Radio

#TodayinManufacturing Series
Hosted by Fastenal 

Supply Chain Now Radio was excited to broadcast live from Fastenal for another few episodes in our #TodayinManufacturing Series, sponsored by the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance.  Check out our featured interviews below, and all our other #TodayinManufacturing episodes on the show page here:

“TalentMarket Update for Both Individuals & Hiring Managers”

SCNR – Episode 125
Hosted by Arnall Golden Gregory LLC
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We were honored to be hosted by Arnall Golden Gregory LLC for episode 125 of SCNR.

For this episode, Scott and Greg welcomed Jessica Clayton, Founding Partner of TalentStream, and Joanie Courtney, Chief Workforce Analyst & RemX President of EmployBridge.

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"Leadership is about inspiring people. It’s a work style that helps them figure out ‘where we need to go’ by setting direction and creating vision."

Daniel Stanton
President & Co-Founder, SecureMarking
Author, "Supply Chain Management for Dummies"

"The STEM movement encourages more young girls to learn engineering and become engineers. Today, 17 percent of workers in the field of engineering are women vs. 1 percent in 1970. We are making progress."

Elba Pareja-Gallagher
Founder, ShowMe50

"To identify risks and resilience strategies, companies need to move beyond their regular supply chain to look at the capacity and speed needed to recover if something really goes wrong."

Carlo Peters
Senior Consultant
BCI Global

"We all look at problems differently. And it's really important to have a good, diverse group of folks in the room to provide a different set of ears to address problems--whether they’re from finance, operations, supply chain or warehousing."

Beau Groover
Founder & President
The Effective Syndicate

"Supply Chain Now Radio (SCNR) is a valuable resource for Supply Chain professionals who want to stay on top of today’s most important topics and trends. I have had the privilege of participating in several broadcasts and found them to be very productive. It is easy to become overwhelmed with the number of media choices we all have for supply chain related information but SCNR is definitely on my informational radar."

Richard Sharpe
Competitive Insights, LLC

"SCNR brings tops industry leaders to the table, sharing best practices in action, and providing meaningful connections and solutions in the ever-evolving industry of supply chain.  SCNR is at the top of my industry expertise list for the latest hot topics, trends, and knowing what matters most impacting the industry."

Laura E. Madajewski, CPA, MBA
Principal, Manufacturing & Distribution Practive Leader
HLB Gross Collins


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