Supply Chain Now Radio Episode 72- 
“Supply Chain Opportunities & Support for Veterans”

SCNR broadcast live from Emory University’s Goizueta School of Business in April for Episode 72, spotlighting supply chain opportunities and support for the veteran community.  We welcomed Chuck Kluball and Ross Chesaniuk, both US Army vets and current management leaders at The Home Depot, Lloyd Knight, US Air Force veteran, Senior Director of International Frieght for UPS, and co-founder and president of Vetlanta, and Tyler Freeman, US Marine Corp veteran and Vetlanta Marketing Director.

Listen here for an impressive representation of what unique skill sets and experiences our nation’s veterans have to offer, ways in which we can all support our veterans as they reacclimate into civilian life after deployment and discharge, and the opportunities available for them in the supply chain community.


“The E-Commerce Era & Supply Chain Operations”

SCNR – Episode 75, Broadcasting LIVE from Blueprint 2019

SCNR Episode 75 featured Don Brett, Vice President of Kimball, a leading furniture company based in Jasper, Indiana.  Don is also an e-com expert, and founder of the rapidly growing YouTube channel, The E-Talk.  Also featured was Beau Groover, founder and president of The Effective Syndicate.  Beau is a co-host for the regular SCNR series, #LeadershipMatters.  This episode was broadcast live from Blue Ridge Global’s Bluepoint 2019 conference, and hosted by Scott Luton.



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"Leadership is about inspiring people. It’s a work style that helps them figure out ‘where we need to go’ by setting direction and creating vision."

Daniel Stanton
President & Co-Founder, SecureMarking
Author, "Supply Chain Management for Dummies"

"The STEM movement encourages more young girls to learn engineering and become engineers. Today, 17 percent of workers in the field of engineering are women vs. 1 percent in 1970. We are making progress."

Elba Pareja-Gallagher
Founder, ShowMe50

"To identify risks and resilience strategies, companies need to move beyond their regular supply chain to look at the capacity and speed needed to recover if something really goes wrong."

Carlo Peters
Senior Consultant
BCI Global

"We all look at problems differently. And it's really important to have a good, diverse group of folks in the room to provide a different set of ears to address problems--whether they’re from finance, operations, supply chain or warehousing."

Beau Groover
Founder & President
The Effective Syndicate


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